The Stockholm Eurogames 2015



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The EuroGames 2015 Stockholm organization welcomes you to the Capital of Scandinavia and  to one of the only 22 Olympic cities in the world. With full support of our 2 million habitants, sponsors, partners, national, regional and local authorities our bidding committee would like to offer Sweden and Stockholm as host to the EuroGames 2015.


In a time when Europe for the first time sees a possible recession in development regarding LGBT questions we would like to take a stand and truly show how an open, integrated, free and diverse society can host the championship.


The EuroGames 2015 Stockholm organization committee has chosen the key values - Love & Liberty - that represents Sweden and Stockholm and will be suitable for a EuroGames Stockholm. Everyone is entiteld to love and liberty and our values stands for; freedom within and love for - politics, culture and sports.



In many ways the most beautiful and influential to our culture are the things surrounding us. Thererefor we would like participants and visitors to discover some of the Stockholm treasures.


EuroGames Stockholm will create a map of adventures that will be given to participants of the games and visitors of events during the EuroGames Stockholm programme. The map will reveal sights, trails, roads, museums, landmarks and other interesting places both with and without LGBT relation.


In the absolute city centre of Stockholm the public scene, cultural place and square Kungsträdgården is located. Kungsträdgården which has hosted Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Stockholm and Stockholm Pride 2011 serves with its accessibility as the perfect venue for a public opening ceremony where EGLSF and EuroGames Stockholm among a variety of performances, acts and speeches will prosper as professional, important and interesting.


The opening of EuroGames Stockholm will start with a public opening ceremony as well as an opening dinner. The people of Stockholm has always been part of public festivities such as the Stockholm Pride and Stockholm Euro Pride and we want to inspirit this participation and create a joint ceremony between visitors, habitants and sports participants. This will promote the EuroGames Stockholm and make the event a joint venture where a diverse audience together enjoy themselves in the spirit of freedom, happiness and solidarity.



The EuroGames Stockholm mission is to present a global example of an open minded, innovative and free society that Stockholm proudly can represent. And to create a free zone where all people can practice their sport and gain a political and cultural interchange.



The goals of EuroGames Stockholm 2015 is to offer an extraordinary sports, cultural and political programme that will cherish, nourish and fulfill the purposes established by EGLSF.



The work by Stockholm with EuroGames aims to stimulate international, national and local interchange, support the right to practice sport regardless of sexuality and state a genuine and strong example of an open, diverse and functional society.



Meet the players and visit our facebook page. For more info, questions or comments; please send us an e-mail.