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What are the EuroGames


First of all the EuroGames is a great sports-event, organised in a different European city every edition. The Games are open for anyone who feels connected to the LGBT community. (Lesbian, Gay, Bi- and Transsexual) The upcoming games are in Stockholm 2015. Eurogames wants to support the objectives of the European Gay and Lesbian Sports Federation (EGLSF).


These objectives are: 

- fight against discrimination in sport on grounds of sexual preference.

- stimulate integration in sport and emancipation of lesbians and gays.

- enable and support the coming-out of gay and lesbian sportsmen and -women.

- exchange information and enable coordination between European sport groups.

- support the founding of new gay / lesbian / bisexual / straight / transgender and mixed sport-groups.


About the EuroGames


The idea of organizing EuroGames was born after the second Gay Games in San Francisco 1986. The first EuroGames took place in The Hague in 1992, and the EuroGames 2015 in Stockholm will be the 15th EuroGames. The annual general assembly of the EGLSF decides which bidding club or city is going to organize the EuroGames, and in order to make it possible for smaller cities to arrange such games, EuroGames are organised as either "big" or “small”, i.e. the number of sports offered is limited (usually alternates). Visit the EuroGames website for more history and information.


About the EGLSF


We are a federation which is open to gay, lesbian, straight and mixed sport groups and organizations. At the moment this network has more than 10,000 members within over 100 organisations and sport groups. In the EGLSF all member organisations are autonomous: the Federation is operating as a servicing and co-ordinating body.


We promote, amongst other things, the organisation of EuroGames, the European Gay & Lesbian Championships. The last EuroGames 2011 were organized in Rotterdam.


Who Are We ?


The European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF) was founded in 1989 as a network of LGBT sports groups. Unlike today, it was difficult then to get into contact with other groups. Today, the EGLSF links over 100 groups, providing them with 'tools' to announce sport events, exchange information, discuss sports and much more!


Every two years at the General Assembly, board members are elected. According to our Statutes and Bylaws, there can be maximum of eight board members: Male and Female Co-Presidents, General Secretary, Treasurer, and four Board Members at Large. Besides skills and knowledge, the composition of the board takes into account gender balance and geographic coverage.


EGLSF haves representatives in European institutions, and several committees are also active; they work on specific topics, and report to the Board and the General Assembly.


Meet the players and visit our facebook page. For more info, questions or comments; please send us an e-mail.