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A new co-president for PinkHockey

After 11 years, 7 tournaments and being one of the founders of PinkHockey Roald Stolk has decided that it’s about time for new and fresh ideas and after organizing the biggest PinkHockey championship yet in Antwerp during the WorldOutgames 2013 stepped down as one of the co-presidents of the IGLFHF.


His successor Richard Chere was voted unanimously by the assembly of the club/captains meeting during the Antwerp WorldOutgames 2013. Richard is very experienced in organizing Field Hockey events, like the OG2012, knows a lot about the sport and it’s particular roles and habits and is well known & liked in the PinkHockey Family.


You can contact Richard here


The Copenhagen black swans; our new PinkHockey member

Pan PinkHockey is Danish first hockey club for gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgender players. We are currently on an active recruitment drive so please contact us if you are interested in being part of our team. We just starting a team in Copenhagen and hope to join the next PinkHockey tournament. After a few months we have almost a complete team, a trainer and we have joined Pan Idræts and PinkHockey.


We are an international group with players from all over the world who just love the game of field hockey. Some of us play in the regular Danish league. We practice on Mondays at 18.00 at Fælledparken, Copenhagen; you more then welcome to join and have a go


If you are interested; please send us an e-mail here.


The London Royals in the Worldpride 2012

Why: In London we take for granted that we have the right to hold a Pride Parade every year to celebrate in a safe environment.  Many others around the world are not this fortunate.  Homosexuality is illegal in 41 of the In the Commonwealth nations  where the Queen is Head of State. Thank you to everyone who came out to make WorldPride 2012 a fantastic day.


An estimated 25,000 people took part in the march - the biggest turnout ever - with thousands more cheering them on. One of the groups participating where The Royals “London's first & only LGBT field hockey club!” to show everyone they are there.


As always the Royals find a brilliant combination between making fun and making sure that everyone noticed them. Want to know more about the London Royals Hockey club?


A boat cruise in Amsterdam with the Dutch PH players

Following the example of the Royals the Dutch participated in the Amsterdam Gay Pride. Together with 5 other sportgroups (tennis, squash, basketball, ballroom dansing and wresting) they shared a boat with the name "6 sports on 1 boat".

Gay Pride in Amsterdam is a very special event, The parade is carried out by boat through the canals, which gives it a very different feel from other cities.  Every year, it attracts around 500,000 spectators, and is one of the most colourful and impressive gay pride parades in the world. The parade features participation from around 80 boats specially decorated for the occasion. All will bring music, DJs and people competing to see who can dress up in the most extravagant way on board.


The Dutch PH players invite you to come on board. Interested send them an e-mail


Irish Pink Ladies going strong, every year an EXTRA PH team

As far as we know we are the first “open” Pink Ladies team in Ireland. We started as a touring and joined the 2011 EuroGames in Rotterdam ending with a bronze medal. We provide a safe & friendly environment for like minded people to play hockey in.


Because of the success and fun we had in Rotterdam we hosted the 1st PinkHockey Fest in Dublin. Because of this we grow from a few wild girls to a significant group. In Rotterdam we had 1 team, in Dublin 2 and we are hoping to bring in 2013 (after 2 years) our 3th team.


Therefor we looking for a couple more players who want to join us. Want to know more or interested to join one of our teams, visit our team website here.


Meet the players and visit our facebook page. For more info, questions or comments; please send us an e-mail.